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These manuals provide factory prescribed procedures for the correct maintenance and repair of dive equipment. It is not intended to be used as an instructional manual for untrained personnel. The procedures outlined within these manuals are to be performed only by personnel who have received factory authorized training through a Dealer or any other Service & Repair course. If you do not completely understand all of the procedures outlined in these manuals, contact a dealer and speak directly with a Technical Advisor before proceeding any further.

All service and repair should be carried out in a work area specifically set up and equipped for the task. Adequate lighting, cleanliness, and easy access to all required tools are essential for an efficient repair facility.

Type names in the color green are types that we do not have any information on, so please share if you have any files on these brands, but also tell us you would like to see a certain brand/type on this site so we can add it to our ever-growing database.

At scuba service manuals we are always looking for files we do not yet have in our database. In case you have manuals or exploded drawings of any single hose related regulator brands please feel free to upload them and we will add them to our ever-growing database.

Check out these Aqualung Military scuba service tools


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